No one works harder

I am sincerely grateful to have been introduced to, and accepted the services from Mr. Charles Herd. Rarely does one encountered a person of such outstanding character and professionalism as was my experience.

Mr. Herd is truly disciplined and dedicated in every effort for his clients. He understands and upholds the most objective form of respect for the laws and practices of the Courts, and has built one of the most professional teams possible, whose members foster his profound commitment to his clients, his community, and family.

If ever necessary, I will return to him knowing he works hard, and that I will be working with the absolute best!

-Chuck R.

I recommend you call Mr. Herd immediately

I was in a serious car wreck, when the driver of the next vehicle over suddenly swerved into my lane, sending my car tumbling over several times. I work up in the hospital. I was not able to return fully to my job as a self-employed mechanic, and ultimately closed my business. I was running out of money and feeling desperate. I was ready to settle for less than my case was worth, but Charles Herd advised me to wait a bit longer and follow his advice. I am so glad I did, since he soon recovered 3-4 times more than I would have accepted earlier. If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, I recommend you call Mr. Herd immediately.

-David J.


I feel very blessed to have Charles Herd as my lawyer. 

-Andy G.

Charles Represented Me Brilliantly

“I was a licensed Ship Captain and career harbor pilot, until the pilot boat I was on suddenly capsized. I was trapped underwater in a rapidly-sinking boat, trying to reach out in the dark for my friend, the pilot of the boat. The interior of the boat was filling with water, but in the last instant, I was able to get out and swim to the surface. I was pulled out of the water onto the stern of another boat, but in the process, my shoulders were severely injured, so much so that I could not return to my job as a professional pilot. I felt like my life was over. Fortunately, I was directed to and hired a tremendous lawyer, Charles Herd, who represented me brilliantly, advising me throughout the process. I have been able to retire from the job I loved so well, and still enjoy economic security. I certainly would recommend him to any other mariner who is seriously hurt and cannot return to work.”


An example of Perseverance

Deborah and I wanted to thank Mr. Herd for all of his efforts on our behalf and, most especially when he had no cause to do so. The way he worked doggedly for us was certainly an example of "Perseverance."

-Deborah & Stephen