Personal Injury

Personal injury law ranges among seemingly countless, specialized situations because, aside from the many ways a human body can get injured, the circumstances for these cases also range widely. However, they all have one basic hallmark in common: negligence. To know whether or not you have a strong case or defenses, you must be able to prove that someone's carelessness resulted directly in the injury or death.

Personal Injury Law Comes in Many Forms

For example, if you're in an car wreck and it was the fault of a drunk driver, then that driver is  negligent and has violated laws plainly in place for general safety of everyone on the road. Negligence can crop up in many situations. Here are examples of injury types for which damages can be received, including to take care of your medical bills and lost income:

Truck Accidents

  • Car, truck, bike or motorcycle wrecks. As you know, horrible things can happen on the road. In some  cases, companies or business are liable in many ways for collisions caused by their large semi-trucks/18-wheelers. In other cases — if you're on foot or a bicycle, especially — it's important to be wary.
  • Traumatic brain injuries. Traumatic brain injuries can be caused by a fall, a blow to the head, or even severe whiplash. Regardless of how you or your loved one came to get injured, what matters now is getting the medical care you need and getting a good personal injury attorney on your side. In recent years, I have had tremendous success getting my traumatic brain injury clients well compensated for their pain and suffering.
  • Premises liability cases. These claims often include slip and fall cases, in which you get injured on some else's property that should have been properly secured.
  • Chemical exposure cases. People are amazed when they learn what harmful chemicals and products, including asbestos, they have been exposed to, and were never even aware of it. I have handled, successfully, mesothelioma cases involving ships’ officers and crewmembers, as well as crewmembers of commercial vessels where hazardous chemicals were released, and they were exposed. Sadly, this happened to thousands of Gulf Coast residents after the BP Oil Spill in 2010, and they still are dealing with the consequences.

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Texas Personal Injury Laws

Some Texas-specific laws to keep in mind when it comes to personal injury law include:

  • Time limits. For the vast majority of personal injury claims, you must file the suit within two years of the injury. If you intend to sue a Texas governmental entity, then you must file a claim with intent to do so within six months of the injury.
  • Shared Fault (comparative negligence) Rules. Texas courts may decide that you must own up to a percentage of the fault for your injury, which will proportionately affect any damages you receive. For instance, if your brake lights are not working during the time of the rear-ender wreck in which you were injured, you may be held to be partially at fault.
  • Damage caps. These limits on your damages apply to medical malpractice cases and to some claims against governmental entities.


If you believe we live in a world where justice always reigns supreme, or that drunk driver always  penalized to the fullest extent of the law, think again. I can represent and advise you  through this process, considering with you the best options available to you. Please call or write  to talk to me about a free consultation — because you should not have to pay simply to get the vital information you need now.


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